Difficult Probate Transaction

- Christopher

Russell is exceptional. He has the unique qualities of patience and listening...

Russell Arkin is exceptional.  He has the unique qualities of patience and listening that set him and his company, The Russell Arkin Group, above the rest.

Due to differing opinions on selling by the two co-owners who inherited the property, it was necessary to interview several realtors and contractors three to four months in advance of the decision to engage one.  Most of the other realtors whom we considered either lost patience or became too pushy even though we were up front about the delay in the decision.  And, most importantly, they could not match the qualifications of Russell's group.

The house on the property was essentially a tear down.  Due to Russell's extensive work with contractors, he gave us the option to first try to sell to a contractor.  Although this didn't pan out, it showed that Russell was listening to our concerns.

When the house was in the final selling stages and with both owners not living nearby Russell was instrumental in instructing the owners on how to handle the transaction.

Russell has the package:  he is a realtor, an attorney, has worked with contractors, understands the difficulties associated with dealing with estates and understand that many older clients are not especially tech savvy.  We are extremely grateful for his patience and expertise and highly recommend him.

- Ann & Cheryl

Russell was able to net $100,000 more...

- Mark

Why do we keep using Russell to help with our real estate needs....

- Ken & Julie

Russell sold my home for $12,000 above asking price!

- Rita

Russell sold our house in less than a week for 99.9% of the asking price

- Fernando & Isabel

This was our first time buying a home, so we weren't very familiar with the process. Russell helped make the process much less overwhelming.

- Nico & Chelsea

Russell helped us navigate through some bumpy roads on the way to selling and buying a home

- Sam & Mariame

Russell understood what I was going through with my mother in-laws estate

- Tom

Being an out-of-town client I needed a Realtor I could trust

- Georgia

Having to sell an estate property is already complex. Doing so when the stock market and economy are tanking, even more so. Then add the uncertainty of the pandemic and the constraints of the shutdown — wow!

Today, the sale of my sister’s condo has finally sunk in, and I am delighted that part of the estate is now taken care of.

Having to sell an estate property is already complex. Doing so when the stock market and economy are tanking, even more so. Then add the uncertainty of the pandemic and the constraints of the shutdown — wow! It’s amazing to me that we got a solid contract just a few days after the property was listed and, from my perspective, with very little hassle.

Thank you so much for everything: your knowledge and skill,  your professionalism and creativity, your steadiness and humor, your ability to work with me during a very stressful time. You knew exactly what needed to be done to sell the condo quickly, and how to get maximum results within my financial constraints. The results were truly transformative.

So, today (my birthday), I feel a tremendous amount of relief. And my mom is very happy to have me back again!

So, thanks so much.

- Leslie

We had a bad experience with our first agent

- Kho

Thank you for your outstanding assistance.

Our time with you was time well spent. Our move was very successful, our children are happy in their new school and we have come away from the buying and selling process with a good friend in you.

- Thanks, Olivia & John

We want to thank you and your team for your help in the sale of our home.

Your advice with regard to preparing the house for sale coupled with expert marketing materials and internet exposure assured that we would sell our home quickly, and it sold virtually immediately.

- Thanks, Jim & Nina

Patient and Helpful

It took a year but not because of Russell. Things went wrong in the house: a flood, a painter slopped paint over the interior and exterior and it took a month to clean. Then there were cracks in the chimneys, caused by fires, that had to be repaired. And rotten wood that the first painter was paid  to replace.

He found another’contractor to do it correctly. Russell was patient and helpful all the way through the 10 month process. I am glad it is almost over and I am sure he is also. He made creative suggestions for remedies so that the buyer could close on time and still get the repairs specified in the contract. I am glad I didn’t try to sell on my own.

- Ashley

What stood out then, and gave us assurance that we would be in safe hands, was the way you helped us understand the market and propose a course of action.

But always you listened to both Jenny and my concerns and answered us thoughtfully and patiently. We needed this and you delivered.

- Thanks, Graham & Jenny

Thanks to Russell and his team, moving was fun and exciting.

Russell worked tirelessly on showing us numerous house listings.  Every weekend, we visited multiple sites across Northern Virginia to help with my decision process. When I finally decided on purchasing a brand-new town house, Russell and his team coordinated the quick purchase of my new home.  Having a professional realtor at my side provided me with wide selection and a well-informed decision to pick the home best suited for me.

- Thank you, Rizaldo

Although I know they had other clients, they made me feel as though I was the only one.

Relocating from overseas, The Russell Arkin Group assured me they could help me find a home and that they did.  I was in my ideal home within 3 months of my contact.  They were there to answer any questions I may have had and told me what steps were next, never leaving me to wonder.  That really put my mind at ease.

- Thank you, Martina

I cannot thank you enough for helping us find our dream house!

I cannot thank you enough for helping us find our dream house! We looked for more than a year before we met you and you helped us find what we wanted in a week. As I mentioned while we were looking, each house you showed us was worth seeing because you were so good at listening to what we really wanted in a house. You did a great job of taking our criteria, and finding only those houses that would be of interest to us. I appreciate your excellent and efficient advance work.

- Thanks, Dina

As someone who has had the pleasure of working with Russell Arkin as both a buyer and a seller...

I would like to take this opportunity to assure you that you are in good hands. He has lived in this area for thirty years and knows the market very well including good school districts. He handled everything efficiently and professionally. We thank you for your honesty and hard work in helping us find our dream home.

- Thanks, Dory & Monique