How do I maximize the Value of the Probate Real Estate?

As you may or may not know, Northern Virginia and the District of Columbia are one of the top Real Estate Markets in the country.

Often times homes sell for top dollar in a short amount of time, but that is not always the case.  We can make a quick visit to the property within 24-hours to determine the best strategy.

A few things we look at:

  • Overall condition of the property and its major components
  • How the property compares to the most recent sales locally

We can then apply that information to one of 3 strategies:

  1. Clean It, Stage It and List It
  2. Determine if there is any money in the Estate to make repairs or even renovate the property to maximize the value of the Estate
  3. We have relationships with local Real Estate Investors that are ready to pay cash and complete the purchase of the property quickly and we'll handle all the details

No matter what your situation, we can work quickly with you to help you develop a smart, sound strategy to accomplish your goals.


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